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How "The Duck" Can Help You

We're consistently told that our best bet for more and better years as our lives move along is to exercise regularly and usefully. Some say swimming is the obvious best choice. The Mucky Duck has been created as a device for motivation and measurement.

Long ago swim training was based on "putting in the miles". Nowadays emphasis is being placed by many coaches on training at race pace. The Mucky Duck does his best to help make "training at race pace" work. If you are committed to improvement you might say every time you get in the pool you should be going for a personal best. The Mucky Duck has two parts.

  1. The "swim log" keeps track of all or at least the most important swims. It is fed by USMS meet results and whatever the swimmer wished to add from workouts. See Carl's swim log for an average swimmer. See George's swim log for a top swimmer. Whereever you see "PB" in the left hand column that denotes a Personal Best that is still standing. "pb" denotes a personal best that was later replaced with a better time.
  2. Mucky Duck calculations select current personal bests, indexes them to the standard, and estimates how much they can be improved and what times the swimmer might make for events he/she hasn't swum. See Carl's analysis for an average swimmer. See George's analysis for a top swimmer. Wherever the "CanDo" and "Hope" fields are filled in in the swim log that is the result of a Mucky Duck analysis.

We've done Mucky Duck analyses on about more than 100 swimmers with two or more age groups for most of them. The following directories will help you browse among them. When Google gets our website indexed you'll be able to search on whatever swimmer name you want to find. (182 line items ; 38 swimmers) (updated 1/18/16 11:55)

Summary Of Mucky Duck Reports by Swimmer Showing Trends in Performance
All Reports Alphabetical
All Reports by LMSC
All Reports by Team
All Reports by Date the Report Last Changed

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